The Spitfire Grill

The Spitfire GrillSizzles in Edinburgh!
“From the first notes of the opening song, "Ring Around The Moon", right through to the uplifting end of the show, the score is a pure delight, combining the traditional sounds of American folk music with strong musical theatre melodies that reach right into the heart of the characters. "When Hope Goes" is the stand-out song in what is a stand-out score. And the book has a perfect blend of warmth, subtlety and raw emotion, drawing the audience into the cathartic experience of healing shared by the show's three central characters. A FIVE STAR show without question! (UK)

“The songs are catchy and strong. The musical builds to a soaring and uplifting conclusion.”
    -The Scotsman (UK)

“The Spitfire Grill will have you laughing in some scenes and trying to hold back the tears in others. If you like musicals, you will love this!”
    -Edinburgh Evening News (UK)

A beautifully crafted musical that says something about the human spirit. This is its British premiere and I suspect it will have many professional productions in the future. The book is superb - not a word wasted, some haunting poetic images, characters to really care about, and a through-line which is emotional and heartfelt.” (UK)

“In this musical of intimacy and emotional detail, ‘The Spitfire Grill’ is a place to heal wounds of the soul. The music has heart-tugging power.”
    -Korea News (Seoul)

“A touching journey of hope and salvation depicted as human drama. The fresh, emotional music is both unique and universal.”
    -SisaFocus (Korea)

“Quintessentially American, but “The Spitfire Grill” crosses all borders and touches our emotions.”
    -NewsStage (Korea)

A powerful and stirring piece of musical theatre. The opening song ‘A Ring Around the Moon’ is spine-chilling, and I was moved to tears by ‘Forgotten Lullaby’.”
    -Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany)

“Sensitive, intimate, and atmospheric, “The Spitfire Grill” is no mere musical comedy, but rather a true play with beautiful music. The songs possess the authenticity and character of genuine folk ballads”
    -TIFF/Kultur (Germany)

“The Spitfire Grill pulls the audience into its spell from the first scene. The comforting song ‘Wild Bird’ moves one to tears. A must-see!
    -Wetzlar Neue Zeitung (Germany)